PINGON-PINTERNAL is a reliable group of companies dedicated to design, manufacture and commercialize tower cranes intended for construction and other applications.

Established in 1959, in Lazkao (Gipuzkoa), it is the pioneer company to introduce tower cranes into the Spanish construction sector, and therefore, one of the leading manufacturers all over the world.

PINGON was set up to alter and change the production methodology used in construction, creating a revolutionary machine, the “tower crane”. Offering new solutions to the construction sector agents and developing the society.

Sky Limit as agents for Pingon-Pinternal; will assist you in renting a PINTERNAL tower crane for your projects or purchase one at a very competitive price. PINTERNAL tower cranes are known to be durable, reliable and very cost worthy. You can see first-hand the quality of these tower cranes by visiting the Sky Limit office in Apowa, Takoradi.

Contact us today to be linked directly to the manufacturer; no middle man “fees”…..all at manufacturer’s cost. They’ll customize your crane to your needs; thus adapt the crane to your project requirements to optimize the performance of the machine.

Pingon-Pinternal can assist you in obtaining a reconditioned unit; reconditioned machinery at almost similar warranty as the brand new tower crane. A wide variety of models and prices, with the guarantee of a trustworthy manufacturer such as Pingon-Pinternal. The tower cranes are revised, checked and repaired (if necessary) before shipping. PINTERNAL tower cranes are fast and easily assembled; see video...

Call or email us today with questions or for quotations.