Company Profile
Sky Limit is not only specialized in construction and equipment rental, but first and foremost in the handling of heavy goods. We also specialize in solving problems linked with crane work.
The Keys to our success = Quality, Safety, Engineering and Maintenance.

Thanks to our highly-qualified engineers we can satisfy the often “extra ordinary” needs of our customers. Before we start a project, our engineers analyze the problem and look for the most appropriate solution. In a second stage, the operation is executed by Loading, transporting, building, assembling… all of this is done with the best equipment and under experienced supervision. Our engineering in Ghana, is serving all of Sky Limit’s entities and their clients with state of the art solutions and techniques.

To be able to work very safely, you do not only need the best equipment but also trained people to operate this equipment. That is why the Sky Limit Team puts a lot of effort into the training of these people. Only in this way can we guarantee safety.

Delivering quality and service is another factor of our success. We take care of everything: we talk to the customers, try to understand their problem and analyze it. We find the best tailor-made solutions for them so that work is done in an economical and safe way.

When it comes to maintenance, we can draw upon years of experience. To us, maintenance also means quality, safety and expertise. These are elements that made Sky Limit evolve into a big market player.

Flying “mechanic teams” are at your service 24hrs a day, 7 days a week.